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Water Search and Rescue Team Volunteers

Theses our our VOLUNTEERS that works on a pager call out system 24/7 365 days a year, they are highly skilled response team capable to support the Emergency Services in a range of water rescues, flood relief rescues and support during times of adverse weather conditions, natural disaster, civil emergencies and searches for missing people.
The team is run entirely by volunteers, who are dedicated and committed to help and supporting others.

All  the team members recieve training and qualifications  in accordance with National standards and comply with DEFRA’s National Flood Concept of Operations.

We would like to say a huge thank you to our staff, for all the time they give up to help us achieve the work we do.
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Martin                         Jax                         Alex                        Nick                             Rich
John                         Stig                        Grant                         Phil                           Tim
Bridget                      Kim                        Graham                     Jamie                          Matt
Craig                       Tony                        Sophia                    Sue                         Tom
Keir                       Heather                        Misty                    Andrew                         Anguss
Chris                       Damian                        Micheal                    Terri                         Jamie (Jay)
Justin                      Sue                       Kay                    Matt                        Jane
Toby                      Ian                       Margaret                    Ed                        EJ
 This page, is under construction and actual photos of the team members will appear as we build it.